Edo Brenes was born in Costa Rica in 1985.
He studied a BA in Animation at Veritas University, Costa Rica; followed by an MA in Animation and Design at the University of Sunderland. He has worked as a lecturer at Veritas University and the Cambridge School of Art. He lives on a secluded tropical beach in Costa Rica with his wife, children's book illustrator Yoss Sánchez.
2021 - Special Mention Award at the Internatinal Festival of Comics of Lodz for "Garçon", Poland
2021 - Nordic Game Discovery Contest for "Dude, Where Is My Beer?" (point-and-click video game), Norway
2019 - Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize for "Memories From Limón" (short version), UK
2018 - Cheltenham Illustration Award, Category: Established Illustrator for "Lunday" (short cómic), UK
2016 - Concurso centroamericano de historietas, Alianza Francesa for "Mi Vida con Micky Maus" (Cómic), Costa Rica
2010 - La 240 Festival de video joven, Best animation award for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), Costa Rica
2009 - Jersey Shore Film Festival, Best animation award for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), New Jersey, USA
2009 - Reel 13, first place for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), New York, USA
2009 - Shorts Non Stop, first place for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), Canada
2008 - Colegio de periodistas, Armando Alfaro Award for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), Costa Rica
2008 - Festival Ícaro, Best animation award for "El Pianógrafo" (short film), Guatemala
For illustration and animation please write to me at info@edobrenes.com
For comics and graphic novel rights please write to my agent at nicolas.grivel@yahoo.fr
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